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by Mutant Disease

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The four classic MD tracks in which I honed my songwriting chops


released August 8, 2016

All music and lyrics written and recorded by Aaron Byrd
Except track 1 (music and lyrics by Aaron Byrd and S. Garcia)



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Mutant Disease San Marcos, Texas

Mutant Disease is one man's epic quest to singlehandedly create a new sonic paradigm by appealing to all the greatness of The Old Metal Titans while embracing the strengths of the modern masters
Since 2010, the metallic edge of Mutant Disease has been carefully honed to a a fine point. Imbued with arcane might, the lone metal warrior rides out; armed and dangerous, ready to rock the world...
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Track Name: Corpse (In the Front Line)
Run across the field stained red
Smell the stench of bloody lead
Strike them down smashing heads
Slay them all before you're dead
Watch the shells start to soar
Look out now your heads on the floor


Murder for power
Death toll climbs higher
Fight for your life
Corpse in the front line

The planes of death begin their flight
Run for cover and out of sight
Killed from above a vicious assault
Remember death is all your fault
Don't be a fool follow commands
Kill or die by their hands


Fire fast, shoot to kill
Murder masses you know the drill
Pass the line secured so tight
Now you're in the sniper's sight
Fires his round hole in your head
Looks like you're dead
Track Name: Mutant Disease
Cut open with a rusted chainsaw
Eviscerated by a blunt object
Feeling in your brain of unrivaled pain
Your crimes have shown you'll pass in vain
Flesh peeled away, needle in your eye
Those who betrayed surely must die

Mutant Disease!
A curse of one name
Mutant Disease
The Doctor is in
Mutant Disease
Insert the syringe

Scared to admit they're hiding
but Metal justice reaches all
Poison to posers with false claim
Inject Disease and end their game
So now you know what is our role
A Mutant Disease to turn cloak fools

Track Name: Pillage the Village
Riding through the misty night
We are here to take your souls
Raping wives and buring down
Everything youve come to know
Better run better hide
weve has enogh so now you die
Pillage the village burned to the ground
Lock up your wives The Disease is in town
Give us your coin or ill take your life
Cutting you down with the cursed scythe

Youre lying on the bloody ground
Asking me for mercy now
Cold hard steel is what youll get
No ancient gods to save you now
Come on metal brothers ride
Guided North by Odin's light